Nutella: Do it like it’s your job

Last month my daughter called home from college and asked me to stop sending her nutella. “I’m eating this stuff like it’s my job,” she complained. I laughed and then I thought about what her funny little comment revealed. That saying is all about passion, gusto, determination – not just nutella (which is unequivocally hazelnut heaven in a jar!) It might be a stretch to think how she treats a jar of Nutella is directly related to what we taught her about work ethic and passion for any task.

Afterall our common rhetorical question to her every time she had to stay in to study, miss outings and put in extra volunteer hours, or push herself training for track events was, “How bad do you want it?”

A hunger and passion must exist first, if you are going to be successful giving your “all.”

That doesn’t change when you become an adult. Only the results change.

You trade the track medal for a retained client, volunteer recognition becomes a word-of-mouth referral, and the good grade in the classroom is equivalent to operating in the “black.”

Eat More Nutella!

Love what you do…then do it like it’s your job! It’s all about passion.  Are you feeling it every day?