Data on Millennials: Evidence that this lucrative generation is worth the marketing effort!

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  • 41% of the U.S. population belongs to millennials
  • 81% own a cell phone
  • 86% use the internet
  • One-third of their life is spent in front of a computer
  • 60% upload and post photos, videos and review content online
  • They make up one-third of today’s bloggers
  • 75% have a social media profile

What makes them so important? This generation (born between 1983 and 2000) wield a lot of buying power. How you harness that starts with how you market to millennials.

Millennial Marketing, It’s Emotional

All tech, all the time might give the impression their generation is cold and non-emoting, but Millennials are just the opposite. They like a humoristic approach to marketing with a personal tone. Build your marketing plans to include videos and stories, not stats and reach them with content that connects with them emotionally.

It starts with social responsibility. Millennials want to connect with brands that make sustainability a priority. From organic and hormone-free foods to grass-fed and locally sourced products, wise marketing tactics place these elements at the forefront of menus, promotions and advertising content to appeal to the Millennial’s emotional connection.

Be Unique

Turn to your younger voices to help build the right message for this targeted group. Lean on your own youthful teams to direct you to the right digital mediums for your content.

Integrate social media into your message, run your promotions across all social media platforms and always offer a call to action that allows the Millennial to interact with your brand, your online presence, and your management teams.

With 83 percent of this generation sleeping with their phones, your marketing message better not be what puts them to sleep!